Top Ten Business Lessons of GI Joe PSAs

10) Dial Tone: “Always read the label carefully and check for warnings before you start any job.”

9) Shipwreck: “Remember, taking something that isn’t yours just isn’t right.”

8) Gung-Ho: “Don’t judge people ’til you give them a chance.”

7) Scarlett: “You’ll never win if you give in.”

6) Flint: “Face up to what you’ve done. Don’t take the easy way out. Remember, it’s better to tell the truth.”

5) Ripcord: “Don’t avoid a problem. Meet it (and beat it.)”

4) Flint: “Remember, you need teamwork to win, not arguments.”

3) Lady Jaye: “If you stop and think there’s almost always a better way. ”

2) Quick Kick: “Remember, anything worth doing is worth planning.”

1) Recondo: “Remember, never get in anything that could close up and trap you.”

…and knowing is half the battle.



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