Back In Hardware Mode

It’s time to build the home lab again!

Last time around the effort netted me a VCP and allowed me to validate design and tech for EMC’s vLab cloud design. The new build with help me prep for VCAP and validate EMC’s Common Engineering Cloud design and tech.

I originally built the rig in 2010. I mothballed it in 2012 while I was focusing on logistical and organizational problems of scale (e.g. EMC World Hands on Labs.)

  • Iomega IX4-200D
  • Dell PowerEdge R905 with two quad core AMD Opteron 8346HE, 8GB RAM
  • Two Whitebox with one AMD Athalon II X4 620, 8GB RAM
  • Dual booting to ESX 4.1. and 5.0 when I used them last.
  • Two NetGear ProSafe 108T (10Gb w/ basic VLAN support.)

The first order of business will be to see if the hardware even boots up. Next, I will attempt to run modern versions of ESX on 4 year old computers.